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By Jeroen J. Bax, Christopher M. Kramer, Thomas H. Marwick, William Wijns

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;Cardiovascular Imaging: A instruction manual for scientific perform КНИГИ ;ЗДОРОВЬЕ Название: Cardiovascular Imaging: A guide for medical perform // Методы визуализации ССС Автор: Jeroen J. Bax (Editor), Christopher M. Kramer (Editor), Thomas H. Marwick (Editor), William Wijns (Editor) Издательство: Wiley-Blackwell Год: 2005 Формат: PDF Размер: 4.80 Mб Качество: ХорошееКнига основана на применении неинвазивных методик визуализации в клинической кардиологии. Основной посыл заключается в использовании различных диагностических комплексов, основанных на методах визуализации, в обычной практике врача-кардиолога. Затронуты многие проблемы патологии сердца, такие как болезни клапанного аппарата, ИБС, болезни миокарда и перикарда и их диагностика с помощью эхокардиографии, компьютерной томографии и магнитно-резонансной томографии.Скачать c Скачать c Скачать c .com zero

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Morphologic assessment should include not only the type of damage, but also the location of the lesion (Fig. 4). The posterior leaflet can be subdivided into three scallops, and the anterior leaflet can also be divided in three corresponding segments, although these are anatomically less well-defined than the posterior leaflet scallops. The nomenclature is either anatomic or follows the Carpentier classification (P1–3 and A1–3). The scallops of the posterior leaflet are usually designated anterolateral (P1, adjacent to the A1 region of the anterior leaflet), central (P2, adjacent to A2), and posteromedial (P3, adjacent to A3).

In addition, once severe calcification is present it may not be possible to identify the number of leaflets. Rheumatic disease is diagnosed based on commissural fusion and calcification with a central triangular orifice, in contrast to the stellate orifice in calcific disease (Fig. 3). Direct images of the valve are seldom used for planimetry of valve area because of inaccuracy resulting from reverberations from valve calcification and the complex 3D shape of the valve orifice. In some patients, a valve orifice can be visualized with transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), but caution is needed to ensure the image plane is at the smallest valve orifice.

5 Prosthetic strut fracture: this is a very rare cause of acute massive prosthetic regurgitation, leading to embolization of the occluder. 7 Lateral dehiscence (arrow) of a mitral bioprosthesis. Transesophageal four-chamber view in systole, showing displacement and tilting of the prosthesis towards the left atrium. RA, right atrium. (Reproduced with permission from Lambertz H, Lethen H. Atlas der Transösophagealen Echokardiographie. ) RA LV BCI2 6/17/05 24 10:04 PM Page 24 Chapter 2 Role of imaging in management decisions in mitral regurgitation The decision to treat MR surgically depends on careful appreciation of the following issues:13,14 • Presence of severe MR, at least if MR is the principal reason for surgery.

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