BRS Cell Biology & Histology, 6th Edition by Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, Judy M. Strum PDF

By Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, Judy M. Strum

ISBN-10: 1608313212

ISBN-13: 9781608313211

BRS mobilephone Biology and Histology is an outline-format assessment for USMLE and path checks, with ample electron micrographs and conceptual line drawings, high-yield medical concerns containers, overview questions on the finish of every bankruptcy, and a complete USMLE-format exam on the finish of the booklet. This 6th variation positive factors 60 new full-color photomicrographs and a brand new full-color layout with colorized line drawings. content material and questions were up to date, new medical issues were additional, and scientific issues were greater built-in into the content material. A significant other site will supply the totally searchable textual content and an interactive query financial institution.

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Microtubules have microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), which stabilize them and bind them to other cytoskeletal components and organelles. They also are associated with kinesin and cytoplasmic dynein, two force-generating proteins, which serve as motors for vesicle or organelle movement. Kinesin moves cargo toward the plus end of the microtubule (outward), whereas cytoplasmic dynein moves it toward the minus end (inward). d. Function. Microtubules maintain cell shape; aid in the transport of macromolecules within the cytosol; assemble into the mitotic spindle during mitosis and ensure the correct distribution of chromosomes to daughter cells; and assist in the formation of cell appendages called cilia and flagella, which beat rhythmically and precisely.

At the end of the S phase, each chromosome consists of two identical chromatids attached to one another at the centromere (see Chapter 2 IX B). 5. D. Klinefelter syndrome occurs only in men. This condition results from nondisjunction of the X chromosome during meiosis, resulting in an extra X chromosome in somatic cells. These cells therefore have a normal complement of autosomal chromosomes (22 pairs), and instead of one pair of sex chromosomes (XY), there is an extra X chromosome. These individuals have an XXY genotype, resulting in 47 total chromosomes rather than the normal complement of 46.

B. Coatomer-coated vesicles (1) Structure. These vesicles have coats consisting of coatomer, which does not form a cage-like lattice around vesicles. Coatomer is a large protein complex formed by individual coat protein subunits called COPs. Assembly of coatomer depends on the protein ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF), which binds GTP, becomes activated, and recruits coatomer subunits. ARF also helps to select the cargo molecules. (2) Function (a) Coatomer-coated vesicles mediate the continuous constitutive protein transport (default pathway; bulk flow) within the cell.

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