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The Boeing 747-400 is the remodeled model of the airliner that modified the realm. in lots of methods, it's a new airplane instead of a improvement of the vast physique "jumbo jet" that introduced air shuttle to the typical citizen. With an outer shell that dates to the mid-1980s and an inside that displays a electronic revolution and a brand new century, the 747-400 is a posh and easily functioning factor of good looks. Many regard the 747-400 because the such a lot majestic flying laptop to grace the skies.

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1 meters). The Combi can handle large volume shipments such as automobiles, small boats, heavy machinery, drilling equipment, and even small aircraft or hel~copters. Environmental control in the cargo area allows transportation of live animals, perishable foods, and cut flowers/vegetables, while maintaining separate environmental control of the passenger cabin. The 747-400 Combi incorporates additional fire protection, a two-crew digital Hight deck, advanced engines, wingtip extension with winglet, and new interiors.

The first Combi went into service with the now-defunct Sabena Belgian World Airlines in early 1974. This was a standard 747-100 passenger airplane, modified by installation of a side cargo door. Boeing delivered the first true 747-200 Combi (with the side-cargo door already installed) to Air Canada in February 1975. Swissair was the first customer for the 747-300 Combi, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was first for the 747-400 Combi. The stretched upper deck of the 747-300 and 747- There is no outward clue that this is a "Combi," an aircraft configured for a mix of passengers and cargo.

65 kN) although all thrust ratemission combustor, and integrated exhaust nozzle assembly. (Boeing) ings are, of course, based on a varibigger and more powerful than the current series of PW4000 turbofans. ety of factors induding temperature engines of even a decade or two The PW4056, initially known as the and altitude. The GE engine, whose first 747ago. 4-meter) cirwas KLM Royal Dutch 400 customer engine power and efficiency probably mark the biggest change in airline flying in recent years. Were it not aerodynamically impossibleand distinctly uncomfortable for all on board-the engines on a Dash Four Hundred would enable the aircraft to fly straight up.

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