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By Kate Burridge

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English is the main artistic, changeable and inventive of languages. a few phrases are invented to fulfill transitority wishes and are fast discarded; others hold meanings thousands of years outdated. Language fascinates us, and we spend loads of time fiddling with it, concocting every little thing from puns, riddles and mystery languages to impressive prose and poetry. We additionally fear approximately it greatly, taking a look up and checking phrases in dictionaries and utilization courses, sometimes arguing approximately definitions. This e-book celebrates our ability to play with language, in addition to studying the methods we use it: in slang and jargon, swearing, conversing the unspeakable, or concealing disagreeable or inconvenient proof. it's a ebook for looking, for locating beguiling snippets approximately language, heritage and social customs, and for utilizing as a powerful weapon in be aware video games.

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The former focusing on the vowel system, the latter focusing on recordings of connected speech. Von Essen distinguishes three length degrees of short V, long V, and overlong V. New to the study of 1964 is that the author mentions a qualitative contrast between short Vs and long Vs that adds to the length contrast (von Essen 1964:10). Overlong Vs exhibit no differing quality with regard to the corresponding long vowels. Von Essen (1958:111) posits vocalic overlength for all cases of final schwa-loss after lenis C, sonorant C or hiatus where the additional length is needed to retain a grammatical contrast.

1986) would be transcribed as long, while the long tense vowels would be transcribed as overlong. 36 CHAPTER 2. THEORETICAL BASIS Haßmoor dialect, the denial of a threefold length distinction must occur as questionable. The presence of a contrast, even if it does not occur frequently in a language, indicates the presence of a distinction in the speaker’s minds. It is likely to be of phonological relevance. Similar results as for Haßmoor are obtained in the study of Kohler et al. (1986b) on the Schleswig-Holstein dialects of Brarupholz in Angeln (No.

The stem vowel received more duration after deletion of a vowel in the final syllable (Rogby 1967:22). Another, probably interrelated, option that Rogby considers, is that vowels and diphthongs in pre-fortis position were shortened. This would also produce a length difference with respect to pre-lenis vowels. In addition to the three length categories, Rogby (1967:23) observes contrastive quality differences of tense vs. lax, and rounded vs. unrounded in the vowels. He also finds that the quality of the succeeding consonant is interrelated with vowel length.

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