New PDF release: Blood Cell Biochemistry Volume 3: Lymphocytes and

By Antonio Bonati (auth.), J. R. Harris (eds.)

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M. Calla+leukemlas I! chain gene rearrangement I! chaln- T CEll LINEAGE E-C02- early thymic precursors f3 cha In gene rearrangement? M. Pre B leukemias Cortical I! chain gene rearrangement U chaln+ a chain gene rearrangement a chain + thymocytes Common thym Ic T-cell leUkemIas Mature B lym- Medullary thymocy- phocytes tes. t1 Sm Sm IgO complex T chronIc lymphoproliferatIve diseases FIGURE 3. Diagram showing that IL- and 13-chain protein expression follow TdT both during B- and T-cell normal maturation and in leukemic cells that are the putative counterparts of these normal stages.

And Schlossman, S. , 1984, A monoclonal antibody reactive with normal and leukemic human myeloid progenitor cells, Leuk. Res. 8:521-534. , Stephenson, J. , Bartram, C. , Gallatin, W. , Weissman, 1. , Owen, F. , 1986, Rearrangement and expression of T-cell antigen receptor and 'I genes during thymic development, J. Exp. Med. , 1983, Removal of T-cells from bone marrow for transplantation: A monoclonal anti-lymphocyte antibody which fixes human complement, Blood 62:873-882 Hamlyn, P. , and Rabbitts, T.

III. C. 30), Leuk. Res. 9:549-559 Drexler, H. , 1985d, Isoenzyme studies in human leukemia-lymphoma cell lines. IV. Lactate dehydrogenase, Leuk. Res. 9:561-571 Drexler, H. , Leber, B. , Hoffbrand, A. ,1988, Genotypes and immunophenotypes of Hodgkin's disease-derived cell lines, Leukemia 2:371-376 Duesberg, P. , 1983, Retroviral transforming genes in normal cells, Nature (London) 304:219-226 Durie, B. G. , and Grogan, T. , and Papayannopoulou, 1985, A cyclic AMP binding protein pattern useful as a biochemical differentiation marker of erythroleukemic cell lines and normal cloned erythroblasts, Leuk.

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Blood Cell Biochemistry Volume 3: Lymphocytes and Granulocytes by Antonio Bonati (auth.), J. R. Harris (eds.)

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