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Repute + Fortune
Respectability politics, trophy other halves, Mad males struggle to the death!

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The whinge List

||| at the Town—The politics of homosexual bars as secure spaces

||| at the Stage—A Q&A with Jesusa Rodríguez

||| On Screen—May the advertisements be ever on your favorite...a starvation Games/Mad males infographic

::: In Richness and in Wealth—What does it suggest to be a modern day trophy wife?

::: No Disrespect—Black girls and the politics of respectability

::: pass Ask Alice—A Q&A with writer and punk veteran Alice Bag

::: 15 Megabytes of Fame—Penelope Trunk and the unreliable on-line narrator

::: Gossip Grrrl—Can star Gossip Ever Be Feminist?

\\\ lively Duty—Two new books discover activism and antiassimilation

\\\ Dance Dance Revolution?—Waltzing round the factor of queer visibility on TV

\\\ by no means Say Nothing—A short background of "cunt" in pop music

Adventures in Feministory Comics: while Evelyn Nesbit Met Nell Brinkley by way of Ellen Lindner

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The “close relationship” that Trunk believes or hopes that she has with her readers is an illusion. And somewhere beneath the mess that is Penelope Trunk is a real woman in crisis, and the same distance that might make us doubt or dismiss her also makes us helpless to intervene. Maybe Penelope Trunk will fade away without resolution, maybe she will get the help she needs. Maybe we will be forced to watch a woman die at the hands of her partner. We can only wait, refresh, and see. com. 55 bitch | 45 Can celebrity gossip ever be feminist?

We dismiss and deride the trophy wife, but we don’t acknowledge society’s role in creating her. Director Lauren Greenfield began filming the new documentary The Queen of Versailles in 2007, a fact that seems more prophetic than coincidental. Originally, the film was an attempt to chronicle the lives of David Siegel, a timeshare resort billionaire; his wife, Jackie; and their eight children. At the film’s start, the family is in the midst of building a 90,000-square-foot home in Orlando, Florida, from the balconies of which they can watch fireworks at Disney World.

If it is wrong to be shown having sex with white men, what does that say about black women in interracial relationships with white men? If Erykah Badu is a whore for having children out of wedlock, what does that say about all black single mothers? Indeed, since more than half of births to all women under 30 occur outside of marriage (regardless of race), what does it say about women as a whole? The goal of respectability politics may be noble, but the execution is f lawed, damaging, and ineffective.

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