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Through the use of an issues-oriented strategy quantity four - Plant constitution and serve as from Biology: The cohesion and variety of existence, 12e grabs scholar curiosity with real-life concerns that hit domestic. this article contains new insurance and pedagogy that encourages scholars to imagine significantly approximately hot-button matters and comprises striking new positive aspects that take scholars past memorization and inspire them to invite questions in new methods as they learn how to interpret information.

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A) J-Field, once a weapons testing and disposal site. (b) Today, hybrid poplars are helping to remove substances that contaminate the field’s soil and groundwater. Links to Earlier Concepts Key Concepts Plant nutrients and soil ᭿ In this chapter, you will be taking a closer look at how fluids move through plants. 6). 4). 5). 6). 7). 6) is part of homeostasis in plants. Many plant structures are adaptations to limited amounts of water and essential nutrients. The amount of water and nutrients available for plants to take up depends on the composition of soil.

486 UNIT V HOW PLANTS WORK Animated Secondary growth. bark secondary phloem sapwood (new xylem) heartwood (old xylem) vascular cambium vessel in xylem direction of growth periderm (includes cork cambium, cork, some phloem, and new parenchyma) early late early late A Structure of a typical woody stem. early late early late early B Early and late wood in ash (Fraxinus). Early wood forms during wet springs. Late wood indicates that a tree did not waste energy making large-diameter xylem cells for water uptake during a dry summer or drought.

The secretions form a Casparian strip, which prevents water from seeping around the cells into the vascular cylinder. sieve tubes in phloem endodermal cell Casparian strip C Water and ions can only enter the vascular cylinder by moving through cells of the endodermis. They enter the cells via plasmodesmata or via transport proteins in the cells’ plasma membranes. Water and ions must cross at least one lipid bilayer before entering a vascular cylinder. Thus, plasma membrane transport proteins control the movement of these substances into the rest of the plant.

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