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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

Species within the genera Hyarachna, Echinozone, Pseudarachna, and Aspidarachna, all within the kinfolk Hyarachnidae, are reviewed and significantly mentioned. A key to genera is gifted in addition to a desk of the species in every one genus from antarctic waters. The genus Echinozone is redefined on new specimens from Anvers Island. A precis of every species in Echinozone is integrated, and the genus is redefined. Pseudarachna is in brief mentioned, and a moment species is additional to the genus. within the kinfolk Janiridae, Notasellus and Austrofilius are introduced out of synonymy at the foundation of specimens from Anvers Island, and the species of Iathrippa and Neojaera are mentioned with a severe evaluate of every species. The genera Nostasellus and Austrofilius are redefined. Ectias is redefined on specimens of the sort species from Anvers Island, and a species from South Africa is additional to the genus. Maps of the distribution of the various species are integrated.


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Englishi n. sp. Epicalymma schmitti n. , n. sp. 2£. umbonata n. sp. Conaea rapax Giesbrecht C. sue cur va n. sp. C. hispida n. sp. 1817 M 106 14 F 1824 M 343 3 1919 F M 38 9 1 10 60 15 15 31 11 11 2 3 32 2 66 80 12 103 12 1 12 9 3 36 15 17 1920 F M 54 45 6 2 3 1 8 F M 8 1 1 1 20 37 18 2 3 5 3 1 1 49 20 107 1 9 1 2 4 4 42 50 8 5 2 These projections are incompletely sclerotized at the terminal or subterminal region of a number of species. There is a possibility that the setae of leg 5 of all species considered here are delicately plumose, but they have been figured as such only when this aspect was distinct.

S. , 39(1): 1-108. Giambiagi, D. 1925 Resultados de la Primera Expedicion a Tierra del Fuego (1921). Crustaceos Isopodos. Mus. Nac. Hist. Nat. Buenos Aires, 2: 1~20. Gurjanova, E. 1933 Die marinen Isopoden der Arktis. , 6(5): 393-470. Hale, H. M. 1937 Isopoda and Tanaidacea. Sci. Rep. Aust. , Ser. C, 2(2): 1-45. Hansen, H. J. 1905 On the morphology and classification of the asellota-group of crustaceans, with descriptions of the genus Stenetrium Hasw and its species. Proc. Zool. Soc. , 2: 302-331.

Austrofilius furcatus Hodgson, 1910. 8 mm long; B, antenna 1; C, basis antenna 2; D, left mandible; E, right mandible; F, female operculate pleopod; G, male peraeopod I; H, male peraeopod II; I, maxilliped; J, uropod; K, male pleopod 1; L, male pleopod 2; M, male pleopod 3. Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Biology of the Antarctic Seas VI Vol. 26 SCHULTZ: ANTARCTIC ASELLOTE ISOPODA Fig. 10. Austrofilius 29 furcatus Hodgson, 1910. A, male peraeopod VII; B, female peraeopod I; C, female peraeopod VII.

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