New PDF release: Biochemistry Involving Carbon-Fluorine Bonds

By Robert Filler

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content material: Reel 1. CA condensates notice frequency list.--Reel 2. Key-Letter-in-Context (KLIC) Index of CA condensates phrases (words of frequency more than ten)--Reel three. words from CA condensates record titles; Appendixes A and B.

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84 2-F-HIS (0-11 hrs) + I s o p r o t e r e n o l (3-11 hrs) P i n e a l organ c u l t u r e s were prepared j s d e s c r i b e d i n Table I I . ) of 4 to 6 determinations. For the determination of o r n i t h i n e decarboxylase a c t i v i t y , i n d i v i d u a l glands were sonicated i n 100 y l of the assay b u f f e r (20) Immediately a f t e r being removed from c u l t u r e . The homogenate was stored at -20C f o r 24 hours, thawed, and t r a n s f e r r e d t o a r e a c t i o n v i a l f o r enzyme assay.

And King, M. , unpublished data. (17) Yeh, H. J. , Kirk, K. , Cohen, L. , and Cohen, J. , J. Chem. , Perkin Trans. 2 (1975), 928. (18) Wong, J. L. and Keck, J. , J. Org. Chem. (1974), 39 2398, and earlier references cited therein. (19) Kirk, K. , McNeal, Elizabeth, Cohen, L. , and Creveling, C. , manuscript in preparation. (20) Klein, D. , Kirk, K. , Weller, J. , and Parfitt, A. , Mol. , in press. (21) Furano, Α. , Kirk, K. , and Cohen, L. , unpublished data. (22) De Clercq, Erik, Kirk, K. , and Cohen, L.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. 5. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. 43 N-Acetyltransferase A c t i v i t y (nmole/gland/hour) Superior c e r v i c a l ganglionectomy (SCGX) was performed 14 days p r i o r t o organ c u l t u r e . m. and placed i n t o c u l t u r e . 1 mM. 01 M HC1 t o a f i n a l c o n c e n t r a t i o n of 10 yM. D i b u t y r y l c y c l i c AMP was added i n 5 y l of c u l t u r e medium t o a f i n a l c o n c e n t r a t i o n of 1 mM.

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