Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by H. Haas (auth.), Professor Dr. Robert Brambl, Professor Dr. PDF

By H. Haas (auth.), Professor Dr. Robert Brambl, Professor Dr. George A. Marzluf (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783642076527

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Since e-book of the 1st variation of quantity III in 1996, a couple of parts in fungal biochemistry and molecular biology have either multiplied and speedily complex, specifically these parts that comprise the recent source of genomics. In mild of those advancements, all of the chapters of this new version were absolutely revised and entirely up-to-date. nonetheless additional, the textual content now comprises 11 new chapters, which disguise both new subject matters or were written by way of new contributing authors.

The moment variation of quantity III comprises: Biochemistry and molecular genetics; rules of gene expression; organelle biogenesis; reaction components influencing metabolism; molecular biology of carbohydrates and lignin; molecular elements of biochemical pathways.

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J Biol Chem 269:26092-26099 Eck R, Hundt S, Hartl A, Roemer E, Kunkel W (1999) A multicopper oxidase gene from Candida albicans: cloning, characterization and disruption. Microbiology 145:2415-2422 Ecker DJ, Emery T (1983) Iron uptake from ferriehrome A and iron citrate in Ustilago sphaerogena. J Bacteriol 155:616-622 Eide D (1997) Molecular biology of iron and zine uptake in eukaryotes. Curr Opin Cell Biol 9:573-577 Eide D, Davis-Kaplan S, Jordan I, Sipe D, Kaplan J (1992) Regulation of iron uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

1997b), while both zinc fingers are important for function of N. crassa Sre (Zhou and Marzluf 1999). In U. maydis the findings are consistent with Urbsl as the sole regulatory factor for siderophore biosynthesis. In contrast, disruption of the respective Urbs 1 ortholog in N. crassa and A. nidulans does not completely abolish the infiuence of iron on siderophore biosynthesis: siderophore production reaches about 30% of that for iron starvation. Notably, identification of the SREA-independently iron-regulated metalloreductase freA (Oberegger et al.

Regulation by Transeriptional Repression: U. maydis Urbsl and Its Orthologs in Various Fungi In the basidiomyeete U. maydis, expression of genes involved in siderophore biosynthesis like sidl and sid2 is regulated by the iron-responsive transeriptional repressor Urbsl (Voisard et al. Molecular Genetics of Iron Uptake and Homeostasis in Fungi 1993; Yuan et al. 2001). Urbsl contains two zinc finger motifs characteristic for the GATAtranscription factor family (Scazzocchio 2000). It has been shown that Urbsl interacts via the zinc fingers with two closely spaced GATA-motifs in the promoter region of sidl and site-directed mutagenesis of either of the GATA sequences leads to deregulation of sidA expression (An et al.

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by H. Haas (auth.), Professor Dr. Robert Brambl, Professor Dr. George A. Marzluf (eds.)

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