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By Frank Richards

One other Billy Bunter experience at Greyfriars college

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One other Billy Bunter experience at Greyfriars university.

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Almost two decades ago lipid extraction was tried by Grant-Taylor (1973) for conventional measurements, a little later the technique was applied in Uppsala with good results (unpublished). Since organic solvents are used stricter rules for the treatment must be imposed. It is essential that any remains of the used solvents be removed to avoid erroneous results because of contamination at the pretreatment. At Uppsala sediment samples always separated into the two fractions SOL and INS; in our experience the SOL fraction is more reliable for dy and gyttja than the INS fraction.

5 keY. , 1988 & 1990) typically reveal a maximum concentration at the same depth as the maximum 137CS activity. These peaks are almost invariably dated by 210Pb measurements to the mid 1960's, confirming that they are indeed a record of the 1963 fallout maximum from nuclear weapons testing. A. are shown in Fig. 3. 137CS and 241Am activities have a clearly defined maximum at a depth of ca. 5 cm. The 210Pb dates for this core, shown in Fig. 4, are in good agreement with the inferred date of 1963 for the 137CS, 241Am peak.

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Billy Bunter's Bolt (Billy Bunter, Book 20) by Frank Richards

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