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The recommendation that the Giza pyramids have been laid out to symbolize the celebrities of Orion's belt, with the placement of the River Nile reflecting the Milky manner, was once first recommend via the popular writer Robert Bauval in his bestselling ebook The Orion secret. In prior to the Pyramids Knight and Butler display that the British henges have been prepared within the similar formation - yet a lot previous. additionally they current irrefutable facts that the astronomical calculations identifying the format of the pyramids may possibly in simple terms were made up of the positioning of the henges in North Yorkshire. From this they could finish that the pyramids of the pharaohs have been conceived and deliberate in Britain! Their subsequent gorgeous discovery takes us to trendy occasions. they've got stumbled on facts that the entire Megalithic measuring process has survived into the twentieth century. There are examples in Washington, DC - even within the positioning and building of the Pentagon, which used to be simply started out in 1942 and is an actual replica of the size of Stonehenge, courting to 3,000 BC.

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