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PA LA S S A 36 N G E H A A Tethys Sea A Permian period 225 million years ago N P A T  BEFORE LIFE PLANET EARTH RASIA LAU RASIA LAU DW A N A G O N DW A N A G O N Triassic period 210 million years ago 37 ! IT’S A FACT Since then the continents have continued moving about and have rejoined in different places and at different angles, like leaves floating on water. In some places the continents have rucked up to form mountain chains. Jurassic period 150 million years ago Cretaceous period 65 million years ago Present day © DIAGRAM with a reasonable degree of accuracy, allowing for coastal erosion, just like worn pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Limestone (middle) This shelly rock contains larger animal remains than chalk. Strata (left) Different layers of sediment form distinct stripes called strata. © DIAGRAM Grand Canyon (right) The canyon is the result of water erosion through many layers of sedimentary rock. 64 Metamorphic rocks Metamorphic rocks have had their chemical and physical characteristics altered to become new types of rock. The process is called metamorphosis, or “change of form,” and is principally the result of increased pressure and temperature, although the permeation of chemicals can also play a part.

When this process is repeated over and over again, volcanoes are built up from the layers of lava. The Gutenberg discontinuity, positioned between the lower mantle and the core shell, allows for movement of the core. The Earth’s crust The outer layer, or crust, of the Earth is a shell of solid rock which lies on a bed of molten magma. 31 ! IT’S A FACT The middle of the Earth is about 9,000°F (5,000°C). 6 billion years ago. Most of the energy that drives the dynamic systems on the Earth’s surface comes from solar radiation, though some is leaked from the planet itself.

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