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By Douglas Niles

This e-book, a full-scale revision and growth of the foundations within the unique BATTLESYSTEM fable wrestle complement, grants all of the info you want to manage and play battles with miniature figures. those ideas can be utilized with out the AD&D online game books, yet you may as well convert characters and creatures from an AD&D online game crusade and use them in BATTLESYSTEM eventualities. Lavishly illustrated in complete colour, this publication is an enticing addition to any gaming library.

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3. Unless armed with bows, the unit cannot have fired missiles previously during the same turn. A unit that meets these conditions can fire either before it moves or after it A player's missile units can fire during the opponent's movement step, if they meet the following conditions: 1. No figure in the unit can be in contact with an enemy figure when the missile fire takes place or prior to the missile fire during the current movement step. Contact during other steps of the turn, or during the current movement step after the attack is made, does not affect the unit's ability to shoot.

Note: If part of a unit shoots missiles, that attack counts as an attack for the entire unit. Line of sight is blocked if there is a hill or high ground between the attacker and his target, but not if either the attacker or target unit occupies the high ground. Line of sight is also blocked by other units—generally, missile troops cannot shoot over a unit to hit a target beyond. ) Dense woods also blocks line of sight, if at least 2" of woods separates the target and attacker. Light woods will block missile fire if a 6" or greater against the unit on the right, and many of the archers on the right side can't see the two units on the left.

39 Combat can only be used on the first turn of a melee. ) For example, an entry of "[12]8" would describe a unit equipped with lances and long swords. The unit has 12-sided attack dice on the initial turn of a melee (when using the lances), but if it remains engaged with the same enemy unit for two or more consecutive turns, it must use 8-sided dice (for the swords) thereafter until contact with the enemy is broken. Then, the next time it contacts an enemy unit (either the same one or a different one), it is again eligible to use 12-sided attack dice at the start of that melee.

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