Baltisches im Finnischen by Liukkonen, Kari PDF

By Liukkonen, Kari

ISBN-10: 9525150321

ISBN-13: 9789525150322

Sleek learn on Baltic load-words in Finnish. typically bargains with etymologies. In German.

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He claims that these forms receive heavy stress as satellites, whereas as prepositions, they receive a light stress. 29 29. This is very reminiscent of what Bolinger (1971) termed adpreps, which are particles that can function both as adverbs and prepositions. Chapter 2. The point of departure  However, this argument cannot sustain even very simple criticism. e. the adverb (or Talmy’s satellite) ‘in’. e. ‘gate’ gets the tonic stress. Although according to Talmy ‘in’ should be a satellite here as well, it does not get the heavy (tonic) stress.

Slobin points out that after introducing boundary-crossing, one is able to account for examples like this that seem to undermine the typology. When we compared English and Serbo-Croatian, we noticed some other constraints that should be introduced in order to preserve the typology. The question appears to be how far we can stretch the typology without significantly decreasing its predictability. Moreover, even the prototypical V-languages show signs of “disobedience” to their typological classification (cf.

A related comment comes from Lehrer (1992: 250). g. ‘(It) rains’), and Spanish has verbs of motion that incorporate Manner. ). ). g. ). e. English and Serbo-Croatian. We will now discuss the notion of “satellite” and explain why a very narrow definition suggested and adopted in some previous studies is not considered to be adequate here. A satellite in Talmy’s terms refers to those elements that were traditionally known as adverbs. This becomes more obvious when we consider what Talmy insists on, namely that satellites for expressing Path should be distinguished from prepositions (and he focuses on analysing satellites only).

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