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This process is very slow and the intense volcanic activity did not permit the accumulation of O2 in the primary atmosphere. Moreover, the absence of O2 did not prevent the development of anerobic life. Even if there were no ozone screen, which is supposed to have shielded the organisms from the harmful effects of ultraviolet irradiation, the waters of the seas, even when quite shallow, would have provided an excellent screen. Carbonaceous schists and graphite are associated with all these finds.

They have been demonstrated in the electron microscope round such elementary structures as animal (DNA) viruses and bacteriophages and, although its structure seems more complicated, the cell 4 42 J. D. BERNAL nuclear membrane is also double. The association with DNA in all these cases may be significant, indicating the relatively later arrival of this form of nucleic acid. The disappearance of the nuclear membrane at the outset of mitosis may also be significant as a reversion to an earlier state of affairs.

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