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By Nicoletta Romeo

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In (9b), on the other hand, the content is not specified and the event is not seen as having reached its end-point. The authors refer to the accomplishment use of activity verbs as active accomplishments. To determine the Aktionsart of verbs, the authors have devised a series of tests (VVLP 1997: 9), in part derived from Dowty (1979). These tests are thought to apply cross-linguistically, although it is advisable for researchers to adapt these tests in a way that is specifically targeted to the language(s) to be investigated.

T CHAPTER 3 VERBAL OPERATORS The following sections discuss the order and function of the verbal operators that are most commonly found in Burmese. The meaning, function and structure of some of these operators have been discussed in depth in what constitutes the central part of this study. e. the operators r& [m] ‘NEGATIVE1’, `yef& [pja] ‘RETURN’, v\rf;& [a] ‘REACH OUT’, 0dkif;& [wai] ‘TOGETHER’ and ay;& [pe] ‘LET’. 1 The Pre-VN operator r& [m-] ‘NEGATIVE1’ (NEG1) Negation in Burmese is marked by two different operators, the pre-VN operator r& [m] ‘NEGATIVE1’ (NEG1) and the clausal post-VN operator &bl; [bu] ‘NEGATIVE2’ (NEG2).

2). 3 The pre-VN operator v\rf;& [a] ‘REACH OUT’ The pre-VN operator v\rf;& [a] ‘REACH OUT’ is the grammaticalised form of the main verb v\rf; [a] ‘reach out; hand something to somebody; be far’: (50) rD;`cpfbl; = udk uGsefaw|f = qD v\rf; = vdkuf = yg? out = FOLLOW = POL ‘Please, hand the match box over to me’ In its grammaticalised form, the core pre-VN operator v\rf;& [a] ‘REACH OUT’ marks activities as being addressed to entities that are displaced some way or another from the Actor.

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