Download PDF by Thomas O. Lambdin, revised by John Huehnergard: An Introduction to the Aramaic of Targum Onqelos

By Thomas O. Lambdin, revised by John Huehnergard

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5. it isforbidden to showfilms in any language except Spanish.. Dubbing must be done in Spanish studios on Spanish territory and by Spanish personnel 6. As in written translation, it is important to know the target audience. Adults are fast readers and one-line subtitles should not be on the screen more than 6 seconds (one word lines even less time) as they will tend to reread the line; however, children are slower and therefore need more time to read subtitles. 7. An increasing number of Spanish movies such as A lejaixlro AmenAbar’s Mar adentro have three sets of subtitles: Spanish for the hearing impaired.

Borges, for example, was well aware o f how he was shaping the Latin American literary canon by the texts he chose to translate into Spanish, knowing they became references for writers and readers alike. S. university professors had discovered and translated into English at the end o f World War II. As post-colonialism reviews the power relations between empires and their former colonies, translation is exposed as a major tool in this domination (as are publishing practices). According to Cheyfltz (1991, 112) "from its beginnings the imperialist mission is .

The use of only one word in the TT such as face for the varied semblante. rostro. g. a short passage by Faulkner has 4 punctuation marks in the original, the translation 22, as noted by Cresset and Samway 1983) • the destruction o f underlying networks o f signification: subtexts can disappear in translation • the destruction o f linguistic patterns: new linguistic patterns in translation can make translations seem more homogenous and/or inconsistent than the original • the destruction o f vernacular networks or their exoticization: Berman believes vernaculars cling "tightly to their soil" and that translation should only occur between " c u ltiv a ^ ” languages; however, it is not uncommon for a southern drawl to be substituted for an Andalusian accent • the destruction o f expressions and idioms: equivalents are not translations but ethnocentric attempts • the effacement o f the superimposition o f languages: for Berman the tension created between dialects, sociolects or idiolects and literary language demands major attention from translators, considering it as he does “the central problem posed by translating novels” (Berman 2003,296).

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