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Absolute to be influential, Watanabe's e-book lays the rules for using algebraic geometry in statistical studying concept. Many models/machines are singular: combination types, neural networks, HMMs, Bayesian networks, stochastic context-free grammars are significant examples. the speculation accomplished the following underpins exact estimation innovations within the presence of singularities.

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Morevoer, there exists a function φ(u) > 0 and nonnegative integers h1 , h2 , . . , hd such that ϕ(g(u))|g (u)| = φ(u) uh1 1 uh2 2 · · · uhd d , where |g (u)| is Jacobian determinant of w = g(u). Note that k1 , k2 , . . , kd and h1 , h2 , . . , hd depend on a local coordinate. By using the notation u = (u1 , u2 , . . , ud ), k = (k1 , k2 , . . , kd ), h = (h1 , h2 , . . , hd ), the function K(g(u)) and the a priori distribution ϕ(g(u))|g (u)| are respectively expressed as K(g(u)) = u2k , ϕ(g(u))|g (u)| = φ(u)|uh |.

1) αd =0 is said to be a power series, which is written by aα (x − b)α . 2) is finite, then f (x) is called a polynomial. If f (x) is a polynomial, then it uniquely determines a function f : Rd → R. The set of all polynomials with real coefficients is written by R[x1 , x2 , . . , xd ]. If there exists an open set U ⊂ Rd which contains b such that, for arbitrary x ∈ U, |aα | |x − b|α < ∞, α then f (x) is called an absolutely convergent power series. 1) converges independently of the order of sums α1 , α2 , .

1. Examples of real algebraic sets z z z y y x x a<0 a=0 y x a>0 Fig. 2. Example of a real algebraic set is called a real algebraic set. Let f1 (x), f2 (x), . . , fk (x) be polynomials. The set of all points that make all functions zero V(f1 , f2 , . . , fk ) = {x ∈ Rd ; f1 (x) = f2 (x) = · · · = fk (x) = 0} is also called a real algebraic set. 1. For different a, they have very different shapes. For the case a < 0, the origin is isolated from other lines. For the case a = 0, the shape of the origin is called a cusp.

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