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By William Francis Magie

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This can be the reprint of a well known and invaluable paintings that has been out of print and generally hunted for a few years. A quantity within the sequence of Source Books within the background of the Sciences, it contains decisions from the writings of the nice physicists from the sixteenth during the nineteenth century--such figures as Galileo and Newton, Franklin and Faraday, Rowland, Hertz, and the Curies--making to be had to the coed in English translation their most crucial contributions, defined of their personal phrases, including biographical and explanatory notes through the editor.

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So we can’t get a reduction of mind to brain in the classical philosophical sense, but we can still get a solid, satisfying scientific explanation. That’s all I think any of you guys really want. R O B E RT: Marilyn, do you agree with me that John is a closet materialist? M A R I LY N : I’m not sure he’s in the closet at all; I think he’s out in the open. For me, there’s a compelling body of data [from parapsychology and extrasensory perception research] suggesting that we can supersede our brain—that we can move our awareness, our sense of self, out into the world beyond our bodies, in ways that are not reducible to states of the brain.

Does that mean you believe that the mind is the output of the brain, just as urine is the output of the kidneys? B A R RY: The brain and the kidneys are both physical organs. Both have anatomical structures and physiological processes that generate particular things. And, yes, the output of one is urine and the output of the other is thought. tion works. We can more or less track the visual system from the back of the eye through the midbrain to the cerebral cortex at the rear surface of the brain.

And that’s what we need for a true science of consciousness. W H AT I S C O N S C I O U S N E S S ? R O B E RT: Marilyn, as an anthropologist, you’re a leading researcher in parapsychology, which is the scientific study of anomalous, sometimes startling, mental phenomena. How does parapsychology reflect on the nature of consciousness? M A R I LY N : I think that we can assume that there’s a physical, material basis to consciousness; all we have to do is take a sledgehammer and bang somebody over the head to see a reduction in consciousness.

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