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By Steve Winter, Terry Philips

ISBN-10: 1560763728

ISBN-13: 9781560763727

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Tyreen's got to hold it together till then. If my rudders are right, that'll be Krynn below us. There's a fair-sized continent down there-Ansalon it's called on the charts. We'll make to land on it. " Mister Yandars fearfully glanced back at their pursuers, his face pale. " "Very good, mister. Helmsman, take us into the clouds," commanded the bloodied captain. The rigging creaked slightly as the Penumbra nosed downward. " Teldin Moore stopped in midswing, and the hoe he held almost flew from his grasp.

Finally, Teldin warily raised himself out of the water, ready to bolt like one of the rabbits that sometimes crouched at the edge of his fields. Muck ran down his scratched and burned body, but the farmer was too intent on the blazing scene to notice. Cautiously, he stepped up the bank and slowly began to circle the burning wreck. Abruptly there was a loud groan of timber, followed by a single thundering crack as the vessel's keel split. Teldin sprang back as the shattered form lurched, then split in two, the back half settling, slightly canted on its outspread wings.

The scrawny melon plants' yellowing leaves scratched at Liam's bare legs. "Teldin, look up in the sky! It must a be dragon, right? You saw them in the wars right? " Teldin leaned against his hoe, dubiously scanning the horizon where Liam pointed. The older man was a good farmer, but Teldin knew his neighbor had never seen much of the real world. Even at dusk, weeding out the melon field was hot work, and the farmer wondered if his neigh bor had conjured up an imaginary dragon as an excuse for a break.

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