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By Stephen Colvin

ISBN-10: 1405149256

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A quick background of old Greek accessibly depicts the social historical past of this historical language from its Indo-European roots to the current day.

Explains key relationships among the language and literature of the Classical interval (500 - three hundred BC)
offers a social background of the language which transliterates and interprets all Greek as acceptable, and is for that reason obtainable to readers who recognize very little Greek
Written within the framework of recent sociolinguistic concept, bearing on the improvement of historic Greek to its social and political context
displays the most recent pondering on topics similar to Koiné Greek and the connection among literary and vernacular Greek

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This is very likely a Hellenized form of the Minoan word; the sign itself looks very like a tree. The ideogram for wheat (sign *120, Linear A sign *L42) looks like a development of the syllabic sign si (sign *41), perhaps combined with the syllabic sign to (sign *05): the Greek word for “wheat” is σῖτος [sı̄tos], which must be a borrowing since it lacks an I-E etymology and has an initial s- (cf. “The Family Tree” section in Chapter 1 regarding Greek loss of I-E s). The ideogram for wool (sign *145, Linear A sign *Lc46) looks like a modified form of the syllabic sign ma (sign *80), combined with the syllabic sign ru (sign *26).

In the third case (apical stops) the syllabary is more generous, providing one series for the voiced stop [d], and a second series for the unvoiced [t] and [th] (these are ­conventionally represented with t-). Thus: te-me-no te-o do-e-ro [temenos] “land reserved for a high-ranking person” [thehos] “god” [dohelos] “slave” A further oddity is that the phonemes [r] and [l] are not distinguished by the syllabary: they are both written with the same series (which is conventionally represented by r-).

2. A line of syllabic text describing an item: at the end a logogram for that item plus a numeral. 3. Repetition of (2) as necessary. 4. A final line which gives the grand total, with a numeral. All of the surviving clay texts are administrative documents of this type. There are also a number of short texts painted onto stirrup jars, large vases used for storing and transporting oil or wine. , the head of state). There are no literary texts or letters; if such documents did exist, they may have been written on a less durable substance such as wood.

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