Martin Cohen's 101 Ethical Dilemmas (First edition 2003) PDF

By Martin Cohen

ISBN-10: 0203480554

ISBN-13: 9780203480557

ISBN-10: 0415261279

ISBN-13: 9780415261272

Will meat eaters get into heaven? Do timber have rights? Is it ever correct to 'design' a toddler? From overcrowded lifeboats to the censor's pen, Martin Cohen's stimulating and a laugh dilemmas may have you scratching your head and giggling out loud in equivalent degree. no matter what your heritage, there's a issue for you. There are the DIY infants and the breeding experiements from medication; an ethically doubtful chemical manufacturing facility company ethics; the 'School of Terror' from global affairs and the 'Twinkies court docket drama' from legislations. during this booklet, you will find dilemmas within the form of lovely and unpleasant sisters, frog kings, historic volcanic islands and unique villages. This ebook will not assist you develop into an outstanding individual, yet at the least you have thought of it...

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Or a deaf one. As long as those were the characteristics of the original embryo – you can’t just choose them. It will all be done very democratically. But still, the Vicar of Diktatiaville is concerned. Whilst some flaws in embryos are treatable, many others result in potential babies being terminated. ‘Picking and choosing between babies is God’s task – not the Government’s’, he rages angrily, from the pulpit. Or is it? 34 Dilemma 26 KwikBaby KwikBaby has opened a branch in Diktatiaville’s posh shopping street offering a new fertility service to the ever more busy professionals of that fine city.

Dr Frankenstein has an ambitious programme. First of all, she plans to eliminate all the serious illnesses and handicaps – sickly people are no longer necessary in a modern society. No one need be brought into today’s world with any kind of physical handicap. In place will come enhancements for life expectancy, genes for strength and virility and so on – even intelligence. From the menu of ‘designer genes’, parents can choose eye or even skin colour, height, type of bone structure, and so on, using a set of popular celebrity ‘template’ babies as a guide.

The first is: • that they could never use speech or other signs as we do when placing our thoughts on record for the benefit of others. ‘For we can easily understand a machine’s being constituted so that it can utter words, and even emit some responses to action on it of a corporeal kind, which brings about a change in its organs; for instance, if it is touched in a particular part it may ask what we wish to say to it; if in another part, it may exclaim that it is being hurt, and so on. But it never happens that it arranges its speech in various ways, in order to reply appropriately to everything that may be said in its presence, as even the lowest type of man can do.

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101 Ethical Dilemmas (First edition 2003) by Martin Cohen

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